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Our Missile Defense and the Missileers

As Told by One of Them


Our Own Robert Wyckoff, Maj USAF (ret)




Poems about Missile Duty : Celebrating those who contributed to winning the Cold War and almost seventy years of the Air Force as a separate service.


The poems are placed on an appropriate, attractive backdrop and we are sure you will enjoy reading all of them. They are in PDF format.



From Valley Forge to today, the voice of the Patriot. Given in May, 2009

Missileer School House

Written at the request of 392 TRS Commander, Lt. Col. Marne' Deranger on the occasion of the first Reinvigorated ICBM Initial Qualification Training graduation 5 March 2010

Missileer - The Duty

A cogent overview of the duty, honor, country, and self pride

Missile Maintainance

Written at the request of Col. Michael Lutton (completed 21 June 2011) to honor all
Maintainers and the 532nd Training Squadron.

Victors in the Cold War

For the Air Force Ball August 21, 2004 - Celebrating 50 years of Space and Missile Operations

Ace in the Hole

Presented on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, celebrated at A-06 in Great Falls, MT; 13 October 2012


Boeing Delta II Vehicle Launched From Vandenberg Air Force Base At 7:07 AM, Dec 7, 2001.

The Crossroads-Vandenberg

Presented at Vandenberg AFB Oct 4, 2008 Air Force Ball Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Vandenberg AFB,


Service of the Titans


All of us in Aerospace or Military love our Acronym's...these relate to Bob's experience


Any use of these poems is acceptable as long as proper credit is given to Maj Robert Wyckoff, USAF (ret)


Major Wyckoff's background:


Bob was active duty Air Force for 20 years including assignments at Malmstrom AFB, Montana as a Minuteman II ICBM Combat Crew Commander and EWO instructor; Vandenberg AFB as an Operations plans officer and test manager for missile test launches; ATC Headquarters acquiring training support for Peacekeeper ICBM and West Coast Shuttle programs.  He then retired from the AF and joined the commercial sector for the next 25 years in a number of support roles at Vandenberg.


Bob has a BA in English Literature from Colgate University and an MS in Aerospace Operations Management from USC.