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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Military Order of the World Wars, General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Chapter. 


Membership is predicated on service as an Officer in the United States Military, Reserves, National Guard, NOAA, or United States Public Health Service (USPHS).
It is also open to wives of qualified members, widows of members and descendents of members . The Military Order of the World Wars is composed of officers on active duty, retired or honorably discharged/separated from  the Armed Forces. Members need not be veterans of WWII but can be a veteran of any time or any conflict.  There is no limitation on duration of service and the main criteria is that the officer was commissioned and that his commission is Federally recognized.
One can join the Military Order of the World Wars directly or through a chapter.  When one joins the General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Chapter he/she must join the Military Order at the same time.  Annual Dues for the National MOWW are $40 annually and Chapter dues are $15 annually after the first year.  Perpetual membership in both chapter and National MOWW are available for a one time payment of $350 and assure the member that he will be carried on the roles of both as long as the Order exists.



  for an application form in PDF format (this is the National membership application)


     Please print the form, fill it in and either bring it to a meeting or mail to (along with your annual dues):



        108 INDIO DRIVE

        SHELL BEACH, CA  93449



  We will discuss with you your Military service and will sign the application as your sponsor and we will send the form to the National Headquarters.



 If you have any questions or comments, please contact Maj Jim Murphy via email or phone: (805) 528.7565