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THE COMMANDER: Maj James Murphy, USMC (Ret.)  February Message


Fellow Companions and Friends


With the outstanding final tribute on January 28 to our veterans by LTJG Joe Brocato, he’s given us a tough act to follow! A special tribute to Joe for all he’s done over these past years in honoring our veterans! To my knowledge, I don’t know of any event that came close to what he’s done for our military!

Personally, I must admit I missed the first event at the Country Club as it was booked! So I lost a seat! But I made up with the Korean and Vietnam events. The final event was special as well, as Major Vic Freudenberger celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday, January 31! As I visited with Vic, I soon realized, while we never served together, had many mutual Marine friends!

In mid-February I’m heading south to the Camp Pendleton area for another reunion of the Iwo Jima Association. It’s always a great time, (I was not on Iwo in 1945! I was only 12 years old!) But I was on a tour: An old friend heads up the Military Historical Tours organization, so I went with his crowd. We first came to Guam.  When we, as a group, were asked if anyone had been to Guam before, it seems I was the only one! My ship came into Aguana in 1956! From there we went to Saipan, Tinian, back to Guam the Iwo Jima. I carried a flag that had been flown over our capital, and proudly waved it on top of Mt. Suribachi!  A lot of great memories and stories!

Our chapter is off to a fine start for the new year, and we have many great events planned for the months to come!  


Semper Fi, Maj Jim






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Membership Information


Adjutant’s Corner


MOWW calendar 2020

As mentioned, January meeting was top drawer! This month, February, our speaker will be Supervisor Debbie Arnold. I’ve asked her to temper her political remarks and to zero in on “State of the County” remarks. In March former State Senator Sam Blakeslee will join us to share a number of important matters we should find interesting, including (perhaps) a discussion on the role of Vandenberg AFB and the new Space Force. (More on this subject in our October meeting.)


We have some great stuff for the rest of the year! So stay posted!



We, as members of MOWW, know there are periodic expenditures: Of course we have our meals to pay for; in addition there are other obligations, depending on a member’s desire: Locally we are expected to pay annual dues of $15; some elect to be Perpetual  members and are then exempt from regular National dues of  $40 a year.

Local dues; $15/year payable the first of each year

National dues: $40/payable to National based on the member’s date of joining

The Executive Committee has opted not to send out notices of the dues requirements but we trust in the good graces of our members to step forward at the beginning of each calendar year to make good their obligation! Consider this an advanced notice! Thanks so much for your continued physical, psychological and moral support!




We have a strong chapter but you will realize that most of the burden of chapter duties rest on the shoulders of just a few. In the coming months someone may tap you on your shoulder and ask if you’d take on one of the many administrative chores we are obligated to provide to our community.

Please note your interest in any of the below areas of service to the chapter. Contact an officer for greater details of what may be required of you. Some members already assist in most of these areas, so the load will not rest with one person! The amount of time dedicated by each person varies but is usually distributed throughout the year.

  1. Patriotic Education:
  3. Scouts:
  4. Membership:
  5. Memorials:
  6. Publicity/Photography:
  7. Nominating:
  8. Phone:
  9. Wellness:
  10. Chapter Activities:
  11. Awards: Law Enforcement of the Year
  12. Books and related:
  13. Programs: Youth Leadership; Lost At Sea; guest speakers;
  14. National Security: (Includes Homeland Security)
  15. Historian:

Maj Jim


Our Chapter was formed over 28 years ago is and continues to be active in our community since that time. We have sponsored and been successful in with many programs. Some of past years continuing activities and accomplishments include:

Cal Poly ROTC Awards and Commissioning Ceremonies
Grizzly Youth Leadership Conferences 
Veteran Tribute Luncheons (WWII, Korean, and Vietnam)
Lost at Sea Memorial Day Ceremonies
Law Enforcement Month honoring select local police
Charles Paddock Zoo Statue and Sign special project
Your American Heritage Monument with Boy Scouts maintaining the flags
And support to many other Community/Veteran events 





SGT AT ARMS: remarks from Maj James Murphy:

A while ago I commented on a talk by a Navy SEAL, now a retired Admiral. I was reminded of him again when I came across these words—and I’ll comment on what he said as I proceed.

Heads Up! Just before you go to sleep tonight, check this list:

When you woke up this morning, how did you feel? Were you looking forward to the day and all that you might accomplish? Did you have a song in your heart? Did you make your bed?

The Admiral made a big point of this: Make your bed every morning as best you can. Then whatever happens throughout the day, you’ll know that you did something to the best of your abilities!

Did you eat a good breakfast? A cup of coffee and a sweet roll don’t count. Throughout the day, are you active, and caring for what you put into your body? A little exercise will help keep you both physically and mentally well.

Did you read something interesting, and did you learn something new? Were you polite not only to friends and family, but to strangers as well?

Did you accomplish any chores or tasks around the house? Maybe even some that you’ve been putting off! Did you reach out to a friend or neighbor, even just to chat and exchange pleasantries?  Did you make sure that you spent less than you earned today? Doing so is sensible planning for your future! Did you read a newspaper and maybe watch a newscast, especially as unbiased as possible?

Do you get a good night’s rest? And did you make sure your personal hygiene is correct including brushing your teeth, (twice a day, at least!)? If you’ve considered these factors, and have made the honest effort to achieve them, you can go to sleep knowing you’ve left the world just a little bit better than the day before!


Chaplains Corner

In some church calendars this is the beginning of the longest seasons, so I’ll just add some other thoughts to carry us along!
As we age, we often find ourselves either giving or receiving special care. When giving, we may feel so frustrated and often angry! That person is so demanding! But not really. That anger is really a human trait. Your care giving is an extension not of obligation, but of love.


I’m reminded of a few words I came across the other day: (You need to consider these carefully!)

“What you are, now, we once were; what we are now, you shall be.” Life is fleeting, and death comes to all.  I do not intend to be morbid, but we need to enjoy our times with our loved ones and appreciate the sunrises and the sunsets. Enjoy the King Alfred’s as they blossom this spring!

Maj Jim