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Mail may be sent to:

MOWW Vandenberg Chapter
Attn: Richard Hathcock
108 Indio Drive
Shell Beach, CA 93449







Maj James Murphy

(805) 528-7565




Past Commander

LTC Louis Stout

(805) 596-0343

Sr. Vice CO

LTJG Joseph Brocato

(805) 543-3244




Jr. Vice CO

LTC Louis Stout

(805) 596-0343



LTJG Joseph Brocato

(805) 543-3244



Maj James Murphy

(805) 528-7565



Maj James Murphy

(805) 528-7565




Judge Advocate

LTC Dan Dow

(805) 460-6223










Staff at Large

LTC Angel Ortiz

(310) 347-2765


Capt David Brandmeyer



CPT Richard Hathcock



SGT at Arms

Maj James Murphy

(805) 528-7565




Surgeon General

MAJ Ernest Miller, MD










Hoyt S. Vandenberg Chapter COMMITTEES

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Activities, duties and areas of responsibility:


Commander: Conducts meetings; coordinates chapter activities; with staff develops chapter goals; ensures newsletter is prepared monthly; responsible for compliance with Chapter Commander’s Handbook, especially Appendix A, Chapter Commander’s Checklist.


Senior Vice Cdr: Acts as Cdr in Cdr’s absence; ensures flags and related materials are properly prepared for meetings; reads Preamble; assists Cdr and members as requested.


Jr Vice Cdr: Performs such duties as requested by Cdr and Sr Vice; may coordinate raffles and other such events.


Adjutant: Is Executive Officer to the Cdr and may act as secretary for the chapter. Receives correspondence from external agencies (including national office) and maintains appropriate records re: status of members, and others as requested.


Treasurer: Collects dues and funds payable to the chapter and disperses funds as authorized; maintains detailed records of chapter financial status and reports such regularly to Executive Committee.


Chaplain: Opens meetings with invocation; closes each meeting with Homage & Benediction; represents chapter at other meetings, memorials, including funerals as requested; chair of Wellness committee (informs members of special needs of others; notifies National of any deceased companions.


Sgt at Arms: Maintains the flags of the order and brings flags to and from each meeting 30 minutes prior to start, and sets flags in appointed places; conducts flag salute; carries and displays flags to other functions as requested.


Judge Advocate: Provides general legal advice re: constitution and by-laws to ensure proper compliance; responds to requests relative to operation of the chapter.


Staff at Large: (3 positions) Assists Cdr as requested; provides general and specific assistance to various committees.




Air Force Army Marine Corps Navy
O-1 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ensign
2d LT 2LT 2ndLt ENS
O-2 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Lieutenant Jr Grade
1st Lt 1LT 1stLt LTJG
O-3 Captain Captain Captain Lieutenant
Capt CPT Capt LT
O-4 Major Major Major Lieutenant Commander
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander
Lt Col LTC LtCol CDR
O-6 Colonel Colonel Colonel Captain
O-7 Brigadier General Brigadier General Brigadier General Rear Admiral
* * * Lower Grade
Brig Gen BG BGen RDML
O-8 Major General Major General Major General Rear Admiral
** ** ** Upper Grade
Maj Gen MG MajGen RADM
O-9 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
*** *** ***
Lt Gen LTG Lt Gen VADM
O-10 General General General Admiral
**** **** ****
O-11 General of the AF General of the Army Fleet Admiral of the Navy
***** ***** *****