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Our Chapter, as well as the national organization, is very active in the support of local Youth Leadership Conferences, patriotic educational programs, scouting, and Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. 


2014 Youth Leadership Conference:

This Conference was held at Camp San Luis Obispo, Grizzly Academy on 17 May, 2014.  The topics covered included:


American Exceptualism LTJG Joseph Brocato
A Leaders Challenge Admiral Al Williams
Basics of Free Enterprise MAJ James Murphy
Ten Most Patriotic American Speeches COL Jack Jones
Leadership Under Stress CPT Richard Hathcock
Strive to Achieve Lt Chuck Ward
Leadership Skills CPT Richard Hathcock
That Ragged Old Flag COL Jack Jones


~30 Students in attendance, Opening Ceremony MAJ Murphy with a flag discussion
MAJ Murphy on "Basics of Free Enterprise" COL Jack Jones covering the
10 Most Patriotic American Speeches


Cpt Richard Hathcock discussing Leadership Skills




  Capt Dick Hathcock, COL Jack Jones, and MAJ John Oberg....Jack received an award for the Chapter from the Grizzly Academy for Youth Leadership Participation



Grizzly Academy:


As printed in The Tribune, June 16, 2012 (in the Letters to the Editor):


Thanks for the very fine article wherein the grand jury was so laudable concerning Grizzly Academy.


The local chapter of the Military order of the World Wars works closely with Grizzly Academy’s staff in presenting all-day workshops to selected academy students. Members of our chapter meet on a specific Saturday to talk about and involved the attendees in patriotism, entrepreneurship and leadership. We are former military officers representing virtually all branches of the services. The students, without exception, leave the event extremely motivated and state their desire and willingness to apply the lessons we have attempted to communicate.


As the article noted, these students come from varied family backgrounds, many with troubled pasts. Maj. John Oberg’s staff accomplishes an unbelievable process of educating, training and instilling discipline in his students. While a few students are not able to complete the entire program, even they leave with a better understanding of the core issues instilled during the program. Those who do complete the total regime set their personal sights on furthering their education a varied of fields. Some have their hearts set on joining the service as a way of expressing patriotism.


The Military Order of the World Wars is proud of our relationship with the Grizzly Academy and look forward to many years of continued support.


James Murphy
Vice Commander
Gen Hoyt Vandenberg Chapter MOWW



November Youth Leadership Conference:


The Chapter gave a Youth Leadership Conference on 22 Nov, 2011for Mr. Ivan Simon's San Luis Obispo High School Junior History Class. It was held at the Central Coast Veteran's Museum 23 Nov, in SLO



Companion Chaplain CDR Bill Houston of the Vandenberg Chapter addressing the class on the topic of “Leaders and Heros."  

Sgt (Fmr) Jerry Dietz speaks to a group of San Luis Obispo High School Students about the USO in San Luis Obispo during WWII where he was stationed with the 86th INF DIV. at Camp San Luis Obispo. The 86th Division was the one of only two divisions to serve in combat in both the European and Pacific theaters in WWII.


SGT Dietz is a member of the Museum Staff and responsible for the Library of Congress "Living History" program at the Museum.





1LT Chuck Ward, USMC (Fmr) Adjutant of the
Vandenberg Chapter, addresses the class regarding "Patriotic Profiles"



Sgt, (Fmr) Leo Dumochelle, a member of the museum staff and veteran of WWII 82d Airborne Div., Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, shares his experiences with the students in front of a map of the "Bulge" and a famous picture of WWII where he holds a captured Nazi flag




ROTC Programs

The Military Order of World Wars supported the establishment and growth of ROTC programs during the years prior to World War II and continues to support and recognize outstanding cadets in Junior and Senior ROTC units throughout the country.


Reserve Officers Training Corps.

MOWW provides support for both the Junior and Senior ROTC programs. Awards are presented by chapter members to outstanding cadets. The Order also directly contributes to programs established to provide training and education for “Youth at Risk” to enhance their potential to lead productive lives. Support is provided in the school year and during summer camp programs. Respected Voice in Washington. MOWW enables its members to unite with thousands of other citizens on issues of national importance, knowing their views will be heard on matters of national security, law and order, and other vital issues.






COL Jack Jones, Past Commander in Chief of the Military Order of the World Wars awards a Certificate Commemorating the Commissioning of 2LT Natalie Bare
 Taking place at the Cal Poly University (San Luis Obispo) Commissioning Ceremony on behalf of the Vandenberg Chapter.







Cal Poly ROTC Cadet and LTC Gary Sargent, Professor of Military Science - Cal Poly at Winter quarter historical weapons display presented to Cal Poly ROTC by members of the Vandenberg Chapter at the Cal Poly Campus in San Luis Obispo   Two Cal Poly ROTC Cadets "get the feel" of Revolutionary War muskets at the special historical weapons display at Cal Poly ROTC Dept. this spring by members of the Vandenberg Chapter.



Boy and Girl Scout Programs

Offers recognition for achievement at the highest levels in the scouting programs and strongly supports their programs.

Youth Leadership Conferences and Patriotic Education Programs.

The Order has dedicated its efforts in support of the youth of America by conducting Youth Leadership Conferences, and Boy and Girl Scout programs throughout the United States. The Order promotes and educates the youth of America about citizenship, patriotism, and our Flag. In addition, the Order provides books and materials for students to learn about the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Outstanding future leaders receive an education that helps keep alive our national heritage and free enterprise system.



COL Jack Jones awards the Military Order of the World Wars Eagle Scout Certificate to Grayson Dole at his Court of Honor.